Size Guide

Getting the perfect fitting jewelry is half the battle so let us help you out...

Necklaces:  When it comes to necklaces we have a variety of lengths to choose from and additional options for extender chains. Below is a guide to picking the perfect chain length for you to help create the stack of your dreams.  Please note when using this chart you take into consideration your neck size as each person is individual and this chart is just a general guid based on the average neck size. 


Rings: If you have an existing ring that fits your desired finger, measure the internal diameter of the ring (in mm).  Then use the below chart to determine your ring size.
Internal Diameter
(MM)           14.1  14.9  15.7  16.5  17.3  18.1  19.0  19.8   20.6   21.4   22.2
Ring Size      3       4       5      6       7       8       9       10     11      12       13
or you can take a piece of paper wrap it around your finger, mark the spot where the end of the paper meet the other and then flatten it out to measure the length in mm, below is a chart to show you the length in ring sizes
(MM)          44.2   46.8   49.3   51.9   54.4   57.0   59.5   62.1   64.6   67.2   67.7
Ring Size      3       4        5       6        7        8        9       10       11      12      13