armed: furnished with something that provides security, strength, or efficacy [armed with jewelry]
Our motto is built on the premise that life is best lived when you stay ready; ready for any opportunity.  In coordination with practice, persistence and timing, style has the power to influence impactful change in the success of your life.
Founder Desiree Girlato might be self taught and from humble beginnings, but her jewelry and clothing line (The Rove) have proven to be stand out in both quality and conception.  Her jewelry spans from eye catching statement pieces, easy to wear essentials and handcrafted fine pieces. No surprise her brand has been flourishing for over a decade.  
 The current incarnation at 1380 Queen Street West, is a wonderous shopping experience where you can build neck stacks, browse The Rove or get fitted for a fine piece on the spot.
         It's our mission to bring you jewelry that will last.
Fall in love with your pieces and never take them off without the worry of them fading or tarnishing