February 23, 2023

We Moved!

We Moved!

Welcome home!

ARMED has moved to 903 Dundas West. We could not be more excited to explore the area and set up shop. Our mood board features lots of warm tones and circular shapes, but who knows what this new era will bring us! To help us all get acquainted with the area, here's a list of some fun Dundas West spots we'll be spending lots of time at.


Our new spot for lunches, we are so excited to be walking distance away from Lambo's!

Naked Beauty Bar

For treating yourself and your girlies, nowhere could be better. You'll be guaranteed to have the nicest nails around if you go Naked.

Ella's Uncle

Classic coffee spot? We're there...for both our first and second cups of the day!

Bar Vendetta

The answer to where should we go for dinner. Amazing food and vibes, we're not ready for all the pasta we plan to consume here!

Shopping Everywhere

There are too many stores to name! We are honoured to share a street with so many unique shopping destinations. As if our closest weren't already full enough!

So join us on this new adventure, and be sure to follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our email list to stay updated!