December 19, 2022

The Zodiac Signs as ARMED Charms

By Desiree Girlato
The Zodiac Signs as ARMED Charms

The Zodiac Signs as ARMED Charms

Aries: Boxing Glove

A feisty fire sign, the boxing glove charm is perfect for an alert Aries.

Taurus: Mushroom

A down to earth sign always inspired by nature yet known to love the finer things in life, every Taurus needs a blinged out mushroom.

Gemini: Iconic Charm

Geminis are icons, it’s simple. They get a lot of hate, but everyone’s just jealous they don’t have the one of a kind presence of these springtime babies. 

Cancer: Mini Flower

Sweet and sensitive Cancers need some soft girl flowers in their stack.

Leo: Groovy Uppercase

Life of the party Leo’s need you to know their names; what better way to do that than with a Groovy Uppercase pendant?

Virgo: Varsity Pendant 

Classic and organized, a varsity pendant is perfect for a top of the class Virgo.

Libra: Baroque Jewel

Luxurious Libras need to shine with a bejeweled statement piece for all their nights out.

Scorpio: Till Death Locket

Loyal lovers, Scorpios can keep a pic of their one and only in this locket.

Sagittarius: Xtra Dirty Martini Charm

Who knows where a night will take a spontaneous Sag, but the best nights out always start with a martini.

Capricorn: Money Bag

Hard working Capricorns know a thing or two about the grind, and there’s nothing like some cold hard cash (charms) to prove it.

Aquarius: Alien Charm

Quirky babes known for eclectic energy, every Aquarius needs their own personal alien on them to show everyone else what’s up.

Pisces: I’m Fine Smiley

Intuitive Pisces are known for their big and often mixed emotions. Nothing says help, “I’m feeling too much” like a melting smiley just trying their best!