April 04, 2023

The Surprising History of The Tennis Necklace

The Surprising History of The Tennis Necklace

While you may know them from your favourite celebrities in incomprehensible tax brackets, the tennis necklace and bracelet have a very literal origin in the game itself. When Chris Evert was playing a match at the US Open, her string of diamonds fell off her wrist, going everywhere. The glitzy accessory became synonymous with the country club sport of choice. At ARMED, it's no secret we love all things tennis, and we just dropped some more styles we can't wait to see how you wear them. Until then, here's some inspiration!

Hailey Bieber is known for making casual outfits look chic and elevated. Nothing does that like a simple statement making tennis necklace that can have a low-key shine when worn on its own.

Layers of tennis can do wonders to spice up your stack. It's an instant way to make a statement with a bold neckline and/or a dressed up outfit. Tennis bracelets and necklaces are always classics. 

Given how flexible and lightweight they are, for an instant outfit elevation you'll want to layer tennis bracelets. With their sparkle and easy shape, they will match anything in your closet. Be it casual or chic, our bracelets will take your look to the next level.