May 02, 2023

Give Back This Mental Health Month

Give Back This Mental Health Month

Mental health affects us all. Whether struggling with mental health is part of your day to day, or you know someone who's trying their best, it's no question appropriate support needs to be more accessible to everyone. That's why we chose to put out fundraising efforts towards making it easier for people to get the help they need. We know destigmatizing not only dealing wth mental illness, but also receiving the care you need for it is a issue close to both our hearts and the hearts of our customers. 

So, we invite you to purchase one of our I'm Fine Smiley Charms, or a Happy Pills charm to make your shopping habits matter. We will be donating $5 from each charm purchase to Stella's Place, a local, low barrier peer supported mental health centre, that offers various mental health services for young adults ages 16-29 in need of mental health support. 

Founded off of the idea that adequate mental health support should be accessible to all, they offer programs with a community based approach. Whether it's an online service or in person, they offer a variety of ways to receive support. In order to facilitate this, they rely on the generosity of folks who are able to donate to keep these programs at such a low barrier to entry.

As a small business, we are very mindful of where our fundraising efforts go and we mindfully chose Stella’s Place because we believe in their work. We believe in destigmatizing mental illness and invite you to join us!

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