April 18, 2023

Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day Every Day

Did You Know Your Fave Brand Is Sustainable?

Longevity and wearability are two of our core values. We take them very seriously.
We believe it's important to be as sustainable as possible, especially in the fashion industry. You can read our sustainability page for an in-depth look at our sustainable best practises, but here's the jot note version to show you how we are trying to be as sustainable as possible here at ARMED. Feel good about where you get your stack.
The best way to be sustainable is to not be constantly replacing your products. That's why we offer tarnish free jewelry with a stainless steel base, a super durable material that keeps its colour and shine whether you swim, sweat or shower in your pieces. We also sell solid gold jewelry, which will last you forever, but stainless steel is a close second.
We also have an in house clothing line, The Rove, which features reworked vintage designs. We give new life to old clothes, with the help of our local seamstress. Everything is designed and reworked right here in the city!
Cheetah vintage dress
We're also known for making one of ones out of old pieces. Nothing goes to waste, and you never know what you may find!
Our packaging is waterproof and resealable, perfect for bringing your jewelry around with you. We also minimize how many bags we give out, and always ask if you need a pouch. We know how quickly little bags from stores like ours accumulate on your dresser, and we want to help minimize that.
The Martini Tote
Feel good about where you get your jewelry when you shop with ARMED; for us, Earth Day is every day.