April 04, 2023

All Things Pearl

All Things Pearl
pearl necklace
For the past few years pearls have staked their claim as more than just an old fashioned classic, appealing to e-boys and grandmothers alike. A piece of the ocean you can wear to make a statement or keep it lowkey, there are multiple ways to wear pearls in any season. For spring summer 2023, we have a few ideas for what they pair well with, whether you want to wear multi strands of iridescent spheres or would rather add a small pearly touch.

Coastal Cowgirl

It's no secret that here at ARMED we are stoked about the trend combining our two favourite things; cowboy boots and bikinis. When accessorizing your western look and adding a coastal vibe to it, adding a waist chain is always a good idea for some extra sparkle. Similarly, a long pearl necklace or lariat gives a laid back touch to any look.

Mermaid Vibes

Sheer textures and liquid looking fabrics will be everywhere this season. Even if you're in a big city or a small town, you can still look like you came from the beach. Throw a touch of pearls to your flowy dress with a pearl bracelet, or a half and half pearl necklace to add an unexpected yet beachy twist to your look.

Instant Classic

Pearls have always been everywhere, and that's because they're too beautiful to go out of style. They work as a nod to warm days in the summer and as a finishing touch to a holiday look in the winter. Most classic of all is our fresh water pearl choker. It's a classic for a reason, with a maximalist take on the trend while still being understated. You can't go wrong when it comes to pearl jewelry, and we're so here for this seasons' embrace of it all.