The Manufacturing

ARMED customers can be assured that our pieces are made with the utmost quality and care.

With the jewelry designed and produced in Toronto, it's important to us that as a local business we are transparent about how the jewelry you love is made. 

Since 2011 ARMED jewelry has been designed and produced by the designer herself in her studio behind the flagship store in Toronto.  Since Desiree is so keen on using great quality material, she travels to New York to source all her solid brass and stainless steel chain. In addition she also travels to Tucson, Arizona to hand select each stone, in preparation for collections to come.  This hands on approach is what has allowed her to maintain a high standard of production and a uniqueness to every piece she makes.  

As the team has grown so have the number of hands involved in bringing each piece to life.  The latest additions to our team, are two local silversmiths who produce all of our fine jewel and a production house in LA who manufacture our gold and rhodium plated jewelry