ARMED JEWELRY began in 2011 and has been unapologetically bold and beautiful ever since. Designer Desiree Girlato has watched her brand grow from her dining room table to its current incarnation at 1024 Dundas Street West, the flagship store in Toronto.

Girlato is a self-taught jewelry designer and conceptual artist that sources her raw material from across the world. ARMED pieces are rendered with unique stones from Arizona and come together with superior workmanship of Brass and Sterling Silver sourced from New York.

The jewelry is bold and statement like, making each piece exceptionally special. However, ARMED is intended to be worn on the everyday elevating your office look and weekend wear with with layers of necklaces or stacks of bracelets.  The intention is to own each day and seize each opportunity through the power of style, because after all, all we have is this very moment.