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  • What a better way to keep your good vibes with you at all times, than with our angel number charms! The perfect way to add some personality to your layers, put your angel number on your favourite chain to create the perfect stack. 

Angel Numbers 

Angel numbers provide you with the advice you never knew you needed. Intended to deliver a divine message, get you through troubling times or give you the reassurance your on the right path, our angel number charms will always leave you feeling some type of way. Use this calculator to find your angel number, or just pick the one that speaks to you the most! To find your angel number add up all the numbers in your date of birth. EX: If your birthday is September 23, 1989, add the month, day and year together. 0+9+2+3+1+9+8+9= 41, then simplify this by adding 4+1=5. Your angel number is 5. 

Chains we recommend pairing:


  • Stainless Steel
  • Laser Cut Numbers


  • 1.5 inches long with bail
  • 0.75" wide
  • 1mm depth



Why Choose Armed Jewelry?

Our stainless steel jewelry is not like typical plated jewelry (Gold plated brass or vermeil) that changes when exposed to water or with prolonged wear.  We quality check each piece during manufacturing and specialize in PVD plating.

Our pieces usually last up to 5 years with every day wear (being wet). Our rings last a bit shorter, as our hands take quite a beating on a daily basis and are exposed far more regularly to water.

What Is PVD Plating?
  • Physical Vapor Deposition is a vacuum coating process that produces a brilliant decorative and functional finish. PVD utilizes a titanium nitride that provides an extremely durable coating. PVD coatings are more resistant to corrosion from sweat and regular wear than gold plating
How Do I Take Care Of My Jewelry?

Our suggested care includes using a soft cloth to wipe it down, and if water is necessary to get off bigger dirt we suggested using a damp cloth or a soft tooth brush for a deeper clean.