January 31, 2023

What To Do On Valentine's Day

By Desiree Girlato
What To Do On Valentine's Day
It's not only fun with a partner.
Valentine's Day can be an uneasy time for many. Who will be my Valentine? How many of my friends are also single this year? Will the guy I started talking to in January take me out to dinner the week of the 14th or ignore it all together? How many jokes about waiting for discounted candy can I make until it gets annoying?
Ah, love. That being said, there's no reason why we can't all enjoy the corniest holiday of them all, and look good doing it.

For the Lovebirds

Obviously the best part of being together on Valentines day is having a nice dinner and doing all the things you make fun of when you're single. Heart shaped everything, please, and covered in roses. Be sure to style your V Day fit with a heart necklace sporting your faves' initials, or a locket with a goofy pic inside. And if you need a last minute gift, these could also come in handy! 

For the Unhappily Single

Sometimes, Valentines' Day is absolutely not the vibe...and that's totally okay! In fact, sometimes it's more fun to be in a hating love era, especially if your girlies are in it too. You'll wanna be wearing our FU ring when reminiscing over drinks about your worst dates, and maybe even the broken heart necklace to really drive the point home. Be sure to go out and have fun and bask in the lack of responsibility you have to another person!

For the Happily Single

Other times, you're single and more than accepting of it. Put on your That's Amore necklace and surround yourself with rose quartz. Wear a sparkly necklace and shine on your own. Put on shows with your favourite couples, like Seth and Summer or Ben and Leslie. The world is your oyster!
And for everyone, embrace the day come as it may. Maybe last year was better, maybe next year will be. All that matters is that you've got a solid stack going, and you know your worth. Sometimes it's better to buy yourself the tennis necklace.