December 06, 2022

How to Layer with Charms

By Desiree Girlato
collage of necklace charms

How to be a maximalist 101

White kitchens, neutral tones, a single dainty chain…they all have their time and place but it certainly isn’t here. In 2022, after time in lockdown with nowhere but the grocery store to show off your outfits, we’re all about dopamine dressing and feeling good. Our favorite way to express ourselves here at Armed is with charms, and lots of them. Here are 3 ways to play with charms and totally personalize your vibe.

The Laid Back Stack

Using multiple chains is a great way to spread out your charms and show them off for their individuality. By spacing them out you can still show off your personality while keeping clean lines and not committing to a full blown maximal stack.

The All-In

multiple charms on snake chain necklace
Can’t choose? You don’t have to! Put all your charms on a single chain or carabiner link to create an eye catching piece that’s uniquely you!

The Senti Stack

initial charm and heart charm on necklace chain
Have a best friend or partner you can’t stop talking about? Wear their sign and initial around your neck so that when you’re asked about your stack you have no choice but to spill the beans. Maybe add in a heart charm for good measure.

Bestie Vibes Only

multiple necklace charms and chains
Have an inside joke with your bestie? Charm. Love how her letter looks on a stoney link? Charm. Need a birthday gift but she has everything? Charms, charms, charms for the most important girlie in your life.