The Pop-Up



Suspended Rack I - Middle of the store 

  • gold hanging rack (Length 5ft, Height 67")
  • perfect for dresses, pants, suits

Suspended Rack II - Gallery Right Side

  • gold hanging rack (Length 5ft, Height 51")
  • perfect for jackets, blazers, blouses & sweaters 

Display Table

  • glass table top rectangle table (Length - 48"  Depth 17" - Height 33")
  • perfect for beauty brands and skincare, small accessories, T's or Clothing that can be folded.

White 4 Level Shelf - Located by our Beauty Space

  • four levels Length 67", 62" tall)
  • perfect to showcase Beauty Brands and Products as well as smaller accessories and Art pieces 


  • 1 content post on the feed alongside our other vendors plus IG/ Story share
  • Wifi 
  • exposure of your brand 
  • MAILCHIMP sent out to all of our subscribers pre event