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What's a HOT GIRL SUMMER without a day fully dedicated to celebrating your inner artist.  If you missed our first Tie Dye party this is your chance to relieve yourself of that looming FOMO. In addition we will also be (re)learning those beading technique from the 90's to make fun beaded wallets, JUUL holders or sassy fruit earrings.  Jess Papp will be leading us through a step by step so you can leave with your very own handmade beaded treasure (AKA JUUL ART) 

Whomst: Yours truly will be leading Tie Dye + Jess Papp will be leading Beading

What: An Arts + Craft Extravaganza

Where: 1380 Queen St. West

When: Saturday, August 10th

Tie Dye: 12pm to 1pm

Beading: 1:30pm to 3:30pm