ARMEDFine || Avec Amour Charms

ARMEDFine || Avec Amour Charms

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Designed and made in Toronto, these number charms are the perfect addition to any necklace or bracelet. Please allow 2 week for custom orders. 

Custom Order Your Charm:

  • Solid 10K gold, let us know if you'd prefer a higher carat (we can do it all)
  • Sterling silver .925
  • or get the gold look with a Sterling silver base dipped in 18k gold 


How To Order:

**At checkout let us know which Number.


How to Wear:

Whether it be your lucky number or a sentimental date, these charms are the perfect reminder of what matters the most to you.  Wear the charms solo (lucky number) or stack them to make out a special date (an anniversary)

Check out how they were made!

* Note: the price of gold is ever fluctuating, therefore the price may reflect that.